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The growth of a designer is significantly affected by who you get to work with in your early career, but many graduate designers miss the opportunity to join teams that have suitable projects or mentors who can accelerate their development.



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Meet Donn

Donn Koh co-founded the acclaimed STUCK Design and teaches at the National University of Singapore, Division of Industrial Design. With 13 years as a design practitioner who also wins numerous teaching awards, Donn has mentored more than 50 designers who are now working in Accenture, IBM, Boston Consulting Group, Zendesk, Linkedin, Grab, Carousell, DBS, Google, and STUCK Design.

Donn is also the inventor of the bend-and-snap mechanism of the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, and the lead industrial designer of the Air+ Smart Mask and the HTC Evo 4G. His projects clinch the BraunPrize, Good Design Award, IDEA Gold, and iF Design and multiple Red Dot Best of the Best awards. His twin passions are to create imaginative solutions and to help designers become extraordinarily creative and effective.


Let's Grow Together

Much of a designer's development comes from working alongside, and observing the experience of others. Some skills like peer leadership, innovation project management, and negotiation are seldom plausible to cover in school nor easily practicable. Also, the growth of one's value judgement and robust skillset is a lifelong pursuit. I'm building a support community of kindred design innovators who can help and grow with each other. There's a lot to discuss, if you'd like to be included in the conversation, drop us your details here.

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Featured Work

2007 - 2020


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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse | The Bend-and-Snap Mechanism

HTC Evo 4G | The World's First 4G Superphone

Aero Urban Cycling Glasses

Leapfrog Walker for Cerebral Palsy

Air+ Smart Mask

MATr | Nested 3D Printed Artifacts

LumiStraw UVC Water Sterilising Bottle

Planexta SenceBand | ECG Monitor

Bottle Bath Baby Bottle Washer

SafeToSleep Baby Breathing Monitor Interface

BMW Emotions App

Budgie Budget Tracker App

Zensorium Tinke App

Dell Inspiron Design Language

FAST KIY Encryption Hardware

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